Tam grew up in Family 4 and is now studying French at Da Nang University. She is a determined young woman and an outstanding student. 

We wish to grant her a scholarship of 10,000 euros to support her project to study in Lyon (France).

This amount will cover the purchase of a round trip ticket (Vietnam/France) and the cost of living (housing, food, health, hygiene, transport …) and studying in France for a year.

If you also believe in her, help her make her dream come true.


My name is Tam. I’m 21. I am a child of Association Xuân and my dream is to study in France.

I arrived at Family 4 at the age of 10. I lived and studied there until my 20th birthday. I felt really lucky and happy. Thanks to Xuân, I could go to school, I met many friends and most of all, I had enough to eat every day and I have never been hungry. I had a very happy childhood in Family 4. This is my second home, a shelter where I find the care and the love of a family.

I am currently studying French at the University of Foreign Languages in Da Nang. Thanks to Xuân and all its supporters I got the opportunity to learn this language. I love French and I often practice it.

In the future, I’d like to work in finance or management audit. To achieve this goal, I would like to study at the university Lyon 1 (France) next September. My plan is to graduate with a Universitary Diploma of Technology in Marketing Techniques.

I lived at Family 4 with Hiep* and I followed her path with admiration: her studies, her career, her success in France… Hiep is an example for me. I want to succeed like her and be an example for my younger siblings.

Well, that’s my dream. Master French, study in France, become a graduate, get a good situation and inspire other children of Family 4.

I would like to say a big thank you to Blandine, the sponsors, Xuân’s friends and all of you who gave me the chance to become the person I am today, a happy girl, and who help me pursue my dream.

* Hiep lived in Family 4 for many years. Thanks to the support of Xuân, she studied in France and is now a successful Financial Auditor.