Our Finance

How we raise funding

Our resources mainly come from private donations. We operate without any government subsidies.

How we spend money raised

We aim to bring maximum support to the children. Nearly 90% of our money goes directly to the projects. What remains is allocated to operating and fundraising costs.

Making Every Donation Count

Where the Money Comes From

Xuan where the money comes from

  1. Sponsorships & donations: 85.7%
  2. Fundraising activities: 12.8%
  3. Memberships: 1.5%

Where the Money Goes

Xuan where the money goes

  1. Projects: 88.4%
  2. Fundraising: 9.7%
  3. Operation: 1.9%

Average annual income
(averaged over three years: 2012, 2013, 2014)