Acting Together For The Children

The Board

The board consists of 6 members elected by the General Assembly and one honorary member.

  • President
    Blandine Peillon
  • Honorary President
    Dr Chanh Tran Tien
  • Vice-President
    Jacques Vo Huu Le
  • General Secretary
    Karine Robbe
  • Treasurer
    Caroline Duval
  • Administrator
    Stanislas Jonville

The team in France

A team made up of one employee and a dozen active, dedicated and passionate members is in charge of the operational follow-up and funding projects.

The team in Vietnam

In Vietnam, two employees coordinate the effective implementation of our projects. They work in close collaboration with our local partners. About twenty volunteers support them in Ho Chi Minh City.

And also…

The sponsors, the partners and the volunteers! In France and in Vietnam, many people work together for Xuân. Without them, nothing would be possible.


Our Local Partners

Collaborating with local partners helps us ensure that our programs meet local needs and that our actions reach the most disadvantaged children.

  • Da Nang
    Street Children Program (SCP)
  • Can Tho
    Thien An Center
  • Phu Vang
    Learning Promotion Association (LPA)
  • Nha Trang
    Comprendre et Aimer
  • Kon Tum
    Learning Promotion Association (LPA)
Our Team Members
  • Chanh Tran Tien
    Chanh Tran Tien
    Honorary President
  • Blandine Peillon
    Blandine Peillon
  • Jacques Vo Huu Le
    Jacques Vo Huu Le
    Can Tho
  • Karine Robbe
    Karine Robbe
    General Secretary
  • Caroline Duval
    Caroline Duval
  • Stanislas Jonville
    Stanislas Jonville
  • Trang La
    Trang La
  • Yoko Youssouf
    Yoko Youssouf
  • Phan Hanh Tam
    Phan Hanh Tam
    Country Manager
  • Tuyet Ngoc Nguyen
    Tuyet Ngoc Nguyen
    Da Nang
  • Anh Vo Hu Lee
    Anh Vo Hu Lee
    Can Tho
  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen
    Phu Vang
  • Cindy Tieu
    Cindy Tieu
    Fundraising Volunteer
  • Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet
    Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet
    Graphic Design Volunteer
  • Anaïs Le Henry
    Anaïs Le Henry
    Communication Volunteer
  • Vi Truong
    Vi Truong
    Translation Volunteer
  • Thinh Nguyen
    Thinh Nguyen
    Construction Volunteer
  • Angeline Faivre
    Angeline Faivre
    Fundraising Volunteer
  • Spencer Damian White
    Spencer Damian White
    Fundraising Volunteer
  • Mischelle White
    Mischelle White
    Fundraising Volunteer
  • Marie Lally
    Marie Lally
    Fundraising Volunteer
  • Serge Houngue
    Serge Houngue
    WASH Volunteer
  • Clara Brachet
    Clara Brachet
    Fundraising Volunteer
  • Thao Vy
    Thao Vy
    Fundraising Volunteer