We ensure that children in difficult circumstances grow up and thrive in a stable, secure and loving environment. Family 4 is a home for thirty children, aged between six and eighteen years of age. The children are orphans, or children from extremely impoverished families whose parents could no longer provide for them. We offer them a home, a family, support and ongoing guidance. Here, at Family 4, we give children a healthy start, and the opportunity to thrive.

At Family 4, we aim to create a family setting. The children are taken care of by four social workers, called the ‘mothers’. These loving women foster close relationships with them. They know and respect their story, their background and their beliefs. Not only ensuring the children’s well-being and development, the Mothers provide the care, the attention, the stability and the love they need to thrive.

All the children have access to quality education from kindergarten through to university. The eldest are supported in their choice of vocation. As they move out of the house, we remain connected to them, providing support and guidance during this transition to independence and adulthood.