Our Organization

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    Our vision

    We view humanitarian assistance as neither a job nor a trend, but as a passion and a way of life. For us, education is the best opportunity to escape the poverty trap. We believe that we can bring positive change to the lives of disadvantaged children and their families by helping them to go to school.


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    Our action

    Xuân aims to support the forgotten children of Vietnam and Benin, the victims of poverty. We help them access education and encourage them to strive for a brighter future by providing long-term and constructive support.


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    Our strategy

    Each project is managed by one or several team members and volunteers who regularly travels to the field. A local team coordinates the activities in the field and ensures that the projects best respond to the needs of the children.


Where We Operate

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Our Spirit

All the members of our board are volunteers. Our action is only possible thanks to the commitment of everyone that works with us and volunteer their time, both in France and Vietnam, and thanks to the generosity of donors and sponsors.

  • “Better light one small candle than to curse the darkness!”