Write To Your Sponsored Child

Your letters are a way of showing your support and building your relationship with the child throughout your sponsorship.

  • Xuan pen icon
    Write a letter

    Keep it simple and talk about: yourself, your family, your country, your job, your daily routine. Feel free to send pictures, post cards, drawings…

    Write preferably in English or Vietnamese ­even if it isn’t perfect. You can also write in French, volunteers will translate your letters.

  • Xuan gift icon
    Offer a gift

    Choose gifts which are small enough to be delivered easily and are not too expensive (up to 30€).

    For school: mini­-whiteboards, exercise books, calculators, colouring pencils, rubbers, plastic wallets, rulers, pens, pencil cases, colouring books, stickers, picture flashcards.

    To Play: cuddly toy, lego, playmobil, spinning tops, dolls, toy cars, blow­up balls, skipping ropes, frisbees, playing cards, marbles, puzzles etc.

    Clothing and personal hygiene: caps, socks, scarfs, trousers, t­shirts, dresses, sunglasses, soap, toothpaste etc.

    Please, do not send cash, valuables, food, liquids, drugs.

    Please, do not directly sent the money to Vietnam. Inform us about your purpose and make a donation to the association.

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    Send your mail

    Please refer your to the section on the right. Do not forget to enclose in brackets the name of the child and the title of the project.

  • Xuan mail delivery icon
    Delivery of your mail to your sponsored child

    When your package arrives in Vietnam, we put it straight into the hands of your sponsored child the next time we see them.

    Some children (especially those in Kon Tum) live in isolated areas which are difficult to access. Your mail could take several months to reach your sponsored child!

  • Xuan receive mail icon
    Receive a letter from your sponsored child

    Your sponsored child always answers your letters. Their mail will be translated by our team before being sent to you.

    On average you should wait between 2 ­or 3 months from the delivery date of your original letter to receive a response from your sponsored child.

Contact Information

Your sponsored child lives in:

  • Da Nang
    Gia Dinh 4
    (Name of the child / Da Nang)
    K 242 Nguyen Cong Tru
    An Hai Don Son Tra
    Da Nang, Vietnam
    +84 97 727 3610
  • Can Tho
    Please send your letter/gift to Jacques Vo Huu Le
  • Nha Trang
    Please send your letter/gift to Cuc Nguyen
  • Kon Tum
    Gia Dinh 4
    (Name of the child / Chu Hreng or Ngoc Bay)
    K 242 Nguyen Cong Tru
    An Hai Don Son Tra
    Da Nang, Vietnam
    +84 97 727 3610