We ensure that children in difficult circumstances grow up and thrive in a stable secure and loving environment. Thien An Center is a home for forty children, aged between two and eighteen years of age. Many of them are orphans, others come from impoverished families whose parents could no longer provide for them. We offer them a home, a family, support and ongoing guidance. Here, at the Thien An Center, we give children a healthy start, and the opportunity to thrive.

In Thien An Center, we aim to create a family setting for the children. Younger children live in a newly built house in the city center, while the older children live in a villa at the edge of the town. Rose and five other social workers take care of them. Establishing close bonds with the children, they know and respect each child’s story, their backgrounds and their beliefs. Besides ensuring the children’s well being and proper development, they provide the care, attention, stability and the love they need.

All the children have access to quality education from kindergarten through to university or vocational training.