We provide scholarships to more than 20 disadvantaged children who are at risk of being unable to complete their education, due to financial hardship. They are guaranteed our support until graduation from high school or university, provided they remain in school.

Scholarships cover all necessary expenditures related to education (tuition, supplies, uniforms, bicycles, food…) and aim to:

  • Encourage parents to keep their children in school by lessening the financial burden of education on the family;
  • Reduce the risk that students drop out of school to work;
  • Empower and encourage the children to strive for a brighter future through attainment of education.


Phu Vang en

Phu Vang Linh








The children of Phu Vang: here is a video about Phu Vang project. (summer 2061)

Interview of Oanh’s sister:  know more about Oanh, a boy we have been supported for more than 10 years.